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Young Jeezy:Let's Get It:Thug Motivation 101
Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101

Release Date: 26 July 2005

Reviewed By: Usman Sajjad


1. Thug Motivation

2. Standing Ovation

3. Gangsta Music

4. Let's Get It/Sky's The Limit

5. And Then What

6. Go Crazy

7. Last of A Dying Breed

8. My Hood

9. Bottom of the Map

10. Get Ya mind Right

11. Trap Star

12. Bang

13. Don't Get Caught

14. Soul Survivor

15. Trap Or Die

16. That's How Ya Feel

17. Talk To 'Em

18. Air Forces


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2005 is the year a blizzard is hitting the South Coast with the debut from the “Snowman”, Young Jeezy, the self proclaimed ‘trapper’. With T.I. being officially deemed as the present ‘King of the South’, Jeezy names himself to be the ‘King of the Trap’.  

With Young Jeezy currently a top player in today’s rap game, with his solo deal with Def Jam, a deal with P. Diddy’s imprint Bad Boy South for his group Boyz N Da Hood, plus endorsement deals, it is no surprise that his debut ‘Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101’ is currently the most hyped album in the South this summer. The former Atlanta drug dealer talks about going from rags to riches, hustler’s tales, street drama and various other stories on the record, with appearances from an impressive roster, including Akon, T.I., Lil’ Scrappy, Young Buck, Trick Daddy and many more. 

The debut single ‘And Then What’, has been blowing up on the American airwaves, and the track features the signature sounds of Cash Money’s hottest producer, Mannie Fresh; his presence unmistakable what with the bass-bumping signature 808 drums. However, Young Jeezy shines to his audience on ‘Standing Ovation’. With his hilarious ad-libs, (“yeaaaaahh!”, “that’s riggght” and many others), Jeezy jumps over the track with his strong charisma.  

On ‘’Bang’, behind a Jazze Pha beat, T.I., Young Jeezy and Lil’ Scrappy take listeners through their hood on first class, and on ‘Let’s Get It/Sky’s The Limit’, Jeezy steps out of the trapper and street hustler personality to offer motivational rhymes on the hook: “The world is yours and everything in it/ It’s out there/ Get on your grind and get it.” Whilst doing this, he also reflects on his style: “Play with them blocks, call it Tetris/ Real talk, 100 karats in my necklace.” 

Easily the most impressive track on the album, 2005’s biggest R&B star Akon accompanies the ATL Trapper on ‘Soul Survivor’, poised to be Young Jeezy’s second single. Over Akon’s own beat, and a mean hook, Jeezy rhymes about coming up hustling on the streets, before splurting out his ad-lib a couple of times… “Yeahhh!” 

On ‘Talk To Em’, Jeezy pays homage to his own fallen soldiers gracefully with lyrics like: “Ya whole family acts like I don’t care/ They don’t know about the times I just lay in my bed/ Couldn’t even sleep I just lay in my bed/ Eyes full of tears and a heart full of pain/ Take deep breaths every time I hear your name.” The Inc crooner Lloyd accompanies ATL’s trapper on the seductive ‘Tear It Up’ seeing Jeezy switch from his drug dealing tales to sex talk. Whilst on the classic mixtape record ‘Air Forces’, a stand out track, Jeezy flamboyantly raps of “popping bottles of Cris and spending 40 grand to make him glance at his wrist” over the track that made his name before the album dropped.  

With all it’s good points, album slips ups are few and far between, however some out-of-place records such as ‘My Hood’, which uses a recycled T.I. ‘Rubberband Man’ beat, and ‘Go Crazy’, really drag the album. 

His swagger, punch lines and persona make Jeezy’s debut a strong one, and show that the trapper is here to stay. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

Top 3 Tracks:

14. Soul Survivor feat. Akon

2. Standing Ovation

19. Air Forces

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