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Release Date: 27 November 2003

Reviewed By: Usman Sajjad


1. Jackpot Intro

2. He's Here

3. Represent feat, Tity Boi, I-20

4. Right Thurr

5. Jackpot The Pimp (Skit)

6. Wurs My Cash

7. Chingy Jackpoy

8. Sample Dat Ass feat, Murphy Lee

9. One Call Away feat, Jason Weaver

10. Dice Game (Skit)

11. Gettin' It

12. Holidae In feat, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg

13. Juice

14. F**k Dat Ni*ga (Skit)

15. Madd @ Me

16. Bagg Up

17. Right Thurr feat, Jermaine Dupri, Trina

Dysfunktional Family - Soundtrack

Dysfunktional Family - Soundtrack
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'Jackpot' is the new album from Ludacris' 'Disturbin' Tha Peace' signee, Chingy. After creating a huge buzz in the States with his debut single 'Right Thur', Chingy waited a while until he released his highly aniticipated album.

Having finally arrived, the album launches with the mediocre track 'He's Herre'. The beat on the record is poor and Chingy fails to keep up. 'Represent' the next record contains much similarity to the previous track and features other 'Disturbin Tha Peace' artists Tity Boi and I-20. 'Right Thurr', produced by Track Starz (Nelly - Pimp Juice), is not one of my favourites, and seems to have set out on a more commercial, mainstream mission.

'Wurrs My Cash 'is a track with a totally different beat to the last three records. In some parts of the record, Chingy's vocals sound similar to Nelly. 'Chingy Jackpot' is a livelier and more catchy record, with Chingy rapping to a party like beat, once again produced by Track Starz. 'Sample Dat Ass' is yet another poor record, with a 'tacky' chorus. Murphy Lee's rhymes are incredible however and proove more 'listenable' than Chingy's. 'One Call away', Chingy's third release off the album, featuring Jason weaver, is a more innovative record, with a tight r'n'b beat, combined with high quality Chingy lyrics and smooth Jason Weaver vocals.

'Getting it' is an adequate effort with decent Chingy rhymes but a poor beat, which I feel has been used similarly throughout the album. 'Holidae Inn' is a brilliant record featuring Snoop Dogg and Ludacris, with production by legendary West Coast producer Dj Quik (Jay Z - 'Justify My Thug' , Tupac - 'Heartz of men'). 'Juice' in my opinion is yet another poor record due to its under production. Once again, 'Madd at me' possesses a poor beat. 'Bagg Up' finally contains a melody, that I could finally get into.
Finally the 'Right Thur remix' produced by Jemaine Dupri and featuring the female attitude of Trina, conclude the album. I don't know how much of a remix you can say this is, as it has more or less the same beat as the original.

The album itself shocked me in respect to no variation on the tracks. I feel the album in general does not sustain the quality of the sinles he has released. Some songs on the album such as 'He's Herre', 'Represent', 'Getting it' and 'Madd at me' all possess pretty much the same party beat, pitch and tempo. Chingy's rapping on the records is not that powerful either and I am doubtful that die hard Hip Hop fans will be captured by it. In my opinion, the album is poor and certainly less than what I expected. For those of you, who may like party tracks dominating your album collection, you may have a different opinion.

1 out of 5

Top 3 Tracks

12. Holidae Inn
9. One Call Away
6. Wurrs My Cash

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