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Jedi Mind Tricks:Visions of Ghandi
Visions of Gandhi

Release Date: 26 August 2003

Reviewed By: Lewis Garlands


1. Intro

2. Tibetan Black Magicians (feat Canibus)

3. Blood In Blood Out

4. The Rage Of Angels (feat, Crypt The War Child)

5. Demon Womb (intetlude)

6. Animal Rap (feat Kool G Rap)

7. Nada Cambia

8. A Storm Of Swords (feat Planetary)

9. Boondock Saints (Interlude)

10. The Wolf (feat Ill Bill, Sabac Red)

11. Walk With Me (feat The Rhyme Inspector Percee - P)

12. Rise Of The Machines (feat Ras Kass)

13. Pity Of War (interlude)

14. Kublai Khan (feat Tragedy Ghadafi, Goretex)

15. What's Really Good (feat Rocky Raez)

16. The Heart Of Darkness (Interlude)

17. Raw Is War 2003

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Visions of Gandhi is the third album from the Philly based Hip-hop duo, Jedi Mind Tricks. Since their formation in the mid-eighties JMT have become one of the most respected underground Hip-hop groups and gained a fiercely loyal fan base in the process. JMT are responsible for two classic underground albums: 1997's 'The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological and Electro-Magnetic
Manipulation of Human Consciousness' and 2000's 'Violent by Design'. However, commercial success has proven elusive.

Visions of Ghandhi is again unlikely to dent the mainstream. Stoupe's production remains far too experimental, far too eclectic and ultimately far too interesting for the mainstream markets. Musically Visions of Gandhi is a highly-energised fusion of swaggering
Latino rhythms, Middle Eastern melodies and pounding hip-hop beats. This album finds Stoupe in his most creative phase to date, actively embracing the group's cultural and musical roots. Try mixing Buena Vista Social Club, Caravana and the Wu Tang Klan; add a couple of axe wielding maniacs and you'll begin to understand

Stoupe's ability to seamlessly cross musical and cultural boundaries has always helped to set JMT apart from the Hip-hop crowds and, as ever, the high points of Visions of Gandhi are largely tied to the pinnacles of Stoupe's creativity. The album really comes alive on track 3, 'Blood in Blood out'. A Spanish guitar laden intro with a preacher informing us to 'do as God does' transports us into what seems like a religious meditation session. This intro then gives way to an intriguing blend of light hip-hop and what
sounds like Arabic airport music.

Nadia Cambia and the pity of war interlude find Stoupe indulging his Puerto Rican roots. Elegantly interweaving Latin and hip-hop rhythms to create two powerful tracks reminiscent of the great Ozomatli. A storm of Swords meanwhile sounds bizarrely theatrical- Wu Tang meets Oliver! Stoupe's production, whilst a little lacking in subtlety, is consistently creative and stands in stark contrast to MC Vinnie Paz's disappointing lyrical contribution. Putting a few halfhearted jibes at George Bush aside Vinnie Paz's formerly intelligent and socially aware lyrics are replaced by retarded homophobia and pointless violence: "I'll stab you in the bladder with a dagger and watch you die in piss. You like to chill and hold hands with faggots, you like to conduct yourself like a savage, you like the smell of males on your mattress."(Nadia Cambia)

Paz Claims that one of his personal objectives for this album was to prove that there is more to Islam than blowing up buildings. How exactly he expected this to be achieved through spitting out reels of brainless aggression and prejudice is beyond me. By the end of Visions of Gandhi Paz has merely succeeded in reinforcing the very stereotypes he aims to challenge.

Impressive guest appearances from the likes of hip-hop heavyweights Ras Kass, Kool G Rap, Canibus and Tragedy Khadafi provide the album with an interesting array of vocal and lyrical talents which all go some way to making up for Paz's deterioration. Having said this, of the 17 tracks (and 2 secret tracks) on Visions of Gandhi only around 6 or 7 remain truly engaging after a second listen and even these are let down on the lyrical front. Visions of Gandhi will not set the world alight but it should be enough to please their old fan base and keep these hip-hop veterans in business.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Favourite tracks:
3. Blood in Blood out
4. Rage of Angels
8. A storm of swords

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