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Kanye West :College Dropout
College Dropout

Release Date: 16 February 2004

Reviewed By: Usman Sajjad


1. Intro

2. We Don't Dare

3. Graduation Day

4. All Falls Down

5. I'll Fly Away

6. Spaceship

7. Jesus Walks

8. Never Let Me Down

9. Get Em High

10. Workout Plan

11. The New Workout Plan

12. Slow Jamz

13. Breathe In Breathe Out

14. School Spirit - Skit1

15. School Spirit

16. Lil Jimmy - Skit

17. Two Words

18. Through The Wire

19. Family Business

20. Last Call


Chingy - Jackpot
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When rap fans hear the name Kanye West, they are likely to respond with, 'Hot producer turned hyped rapper. And in my opinion they're right.

2004 is the year that kicked off Kanye's explosive debut rap album, 'College Drop Out', which has been heavily hyped and taken his celebrity status to a new level. Originally making his money from producing tracks for the likes of Jay Z - 'H to the Izzo'; 'Ludacris - Stand Up' and 'You Dont Know my Name' - Alicia Keys, Kanye West has been creating some huge hits.

College Dropout is a creative effort which features longtime friend Talib Kweli, Common, Twista, Jay Z, Mos Def, Freeway and Ludacris. The album kicks off with 'We Don't Dare' - a track which contains inspirational messages to the younger generation about drugs, with the chorus sung by kids to a typical Kanye beat. Graduation day has some smooth vocals from an unknown vocalist and has a similiar melody to that played at high school graduations.

The new single, 'All Falls Down', is a brilliant r'n'b / hip hop mixture featuring soulful singer Sylenna Johnson, fresh from her popular single 'Guess What'. 'Spaceship' features GLC and Consquence, which is more of a slow soothing record. 'Jesus Walks' is a unique track which sees Kanye rapping about the troubles people in this world surround themself with. "We at war with racism/ we at war with terrorism/ But most importantly we at war with ourselves".

Never let me down features retired Rocafella king Jay Z and relatively unknown rapper Ivy. This track has been floating around the mixtape circuit for a while. On the brilliant 'Get Em High', Kanye manages to up his lyricism to hang in with heavyweights Talib Kweli and a rejuvenated Common. It's basic, it hits hard, it makes you nod your head, and it's hip-hop in its purest form. Kanye delivers a ridiculously funny message in 'The New Workout Plan'.

'Slow Jamz' featuring comedian Jamie Foxx and Chi Town native Twista, has shot to the top of the charts recently and transformed both Twista and Kanye into celebrities.' Breathe In, Breathe Out' featuring Ludacris on the hook is also a perfect example of classic hip-hop with its understated drum breaks.

Kanye ridicules the concept of college and continuous study in 'School Spirit'. 'Two Words' is an amazing structured track featuring media mogul Mos Def and Islamic rapper Freeway along with the Harlem Boys Choir. On his first single of the album, 'Through The Wire', 'Kanye speeds up Chaka Khan's 'Through the Fire,' adds a thunderous bassline, pounding drums, and a tight flow. The versatility continues when you listen to 'Family Business', exposing his more emotional side.

'The Last Call' is a phenomenal album wrap up with a catchy chorus. The track explains the full story of how Kayne got signed to Rocafella. A unique and amazing album, by a ground breaking, articulate artist. His beats and lyrics are mind blowing and one of a kind. Kanye's commentary on the ignorance and simplicity of today's urban youth will make the sensible ones amongst you smile in agreement. This album is a breath of fresh air for hip hop. The only snag is the number of skits which are present, but other than that, I'm finding it hard to choose three favorite tracks.

4.5 Out of 5

9. Get Em High
17. Two Words
4. All Falls Down

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