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Lil' Jon:Crunk Juice
Crunk Juice

Release Date: 15 November 2004

Reviewed By: Arif Amin


1. Crunk Juice

2. Get Crunk - ft, Bo Hagon

3. What U Gon Do - ft, Lil Scrappy

4. Real Nigga Roll Call - ft, Ice Cube

5. Ba Hagon's Phone Call

6. Da Blow - ft, Gangsta Boo

7. Contract - ft, Trillville, Jazze Pha, Pimpin Ken

8. E40 Choppin

9. White Meat ft, 8Ball, MJG

10. Don't F**k Wit Me

11. Chris Rock Let's Be Friends

12. Lovers & Friends - ft, Usher, Ludacris

13. One Night Stand -ft, Oobie

14. Aww Skeet Skeet, ft, Flexx

15. Chris Rock In The Club

16. In The Club - ft, R Kelly, Ludacris

17. Bi**hes AIn't S**t - ft, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Suga Free, Oobie

18. Chris Rock Get Lower

19. Stick That Thang Out - ft, Pharrell, Ying Yang Twins

20. Grand Finale - ft, Nas, T.I., Bun B, Ice Cube

Urban Legend

T.I. - Urban Legend
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First of all I want you to scroll your eyes to the left of your screen and run them through the track listings…..Yeah, that’s right, this album is filled with platinum artists from Southside’s Ludacris over to the Westside’s Nate Dogg. As well as the album being packed with artists, the ‘Crunk Juice’ album (named after the launch of their latest energy drink) comes with a bonus remix CD and bonus DVD, so you all know you’re definitely getting your chips worth here. This is their fifth album and definitely looks like their best to date.

When you let the ‘Crunk Juice’ flow through your CD player, you will find that the first three tracks, ‘Crunk Juice’, ‘Get Crunk’ and ‘What U Goin’ Do’ have amazing bass lines, that’ll make you want to turn it up. Lyrically however, the boys are poor, which is a shame because these beats are hot. It has to be said though, Lil’ Scrappy drops a good verse on the third track, where Lil’ Jon’s repetitive choruses wear down these verses.

Just when the fourth track is going the same way, Ice Cube makes an appearance, and although it’s nearly time for him to hang up his mic, he spits lines fit for a beat as tight as this. Following appearances by 8Ball & MJG on the joint ‘White Meat’, the album starts to pull at last. Up till now, the lyrics and vocals may be shady but Lil’ Jon proves on every track that he is up there with Jermaine Dupri when it comes to producing.

As well as Lil’ Jon’s original production on this album, the other parts I love about this album are the interludes, for they feature comedian Chris Rock, who is hilarious! This is definitely a good look for the album, especially with Rock on four of the interludes and all being as good as each other.

On ‘Lovers & Friends’, Lil’ Jon wisely uses both Usher and Ludacris on the same track to make the hottest love song of the year! This track is made to perfection and although it isn’t the trio’s sequel to ‘Yeah!’ it’s going to go down just as big if they decide to release it. Usher delivers his typical smooth, deep lyrics, like those we hear on his albums ‘8701’ and ‘Confessions’. But, the track is undisputedly stolen by Ludacris, who displays for the first time ever his slow lyrics, something he’s definitely got to transfer onto his own albums.

Female artist Oobie is all over the following track ‘One Night Stand’, with her sweet, angel-like harmonics, and proves she can play with the big dons, Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg on ‘B****** Ain’t Sh**’, turning this album into a classic. Naturally, any track with Nate on the chorus is going to be a hit, with Snoop proving he’s at the peak of his career with his verse being as tight as his latest album ‘Rhythm & Gangsta’.

R. Kelly keeps the standards of this album hot with ‘In Da Club’, and Kel’s flow is so tight he covers the chorus as well on this. It’s only right that Ludacris gets in on this track as well, before Lil’ Jon wraps up this classic piece.

With disc one coming to a close, Lil’ Jon takes a break from producing and hands it over to the multi-talented Pharrell Williams. We all know when The Neptunes take control over a track that it’s in safe hands; this track is definitely going to be massive in the clubs, with the Ying Yang Twins strongly accompanying this unique beat.

Disc one closes with ‘Grande Finale’ and this is just that, with breaking appearances from T.I. and Ice Cube. It’s as if they knew the start of the album was lyrically poor, as they bring Nas in to tear this track down with his poignant words.

Disc two is the remix CD, and is as tight as the end of the first disc, with a remix of ‘Lean Back’ featuring Ma$e, Fat Joe and Eminem. If you thought that topping ‘Lean Back’ wasn’t possible, think again, as this remix is just as good as the original.

However the best remix track is what sounds like a follow up to Noreaga’s ‘Aye Mi Canto’ with Miami’s Pitbull spittin’ his Latino lyrics. With a fast pace, ‘Gasolina’ takes the album to a new global level, and is sure to be bangin’ in all the clubs along the Mediterranean coasts.

Overall, this album is a great look for Lil’ Jon, as he really knows how to collaborate with artists to make grimey tracks, and knows how to make some ‘off the hook’ beats. I look forward to feeling these tracks in the clubs, and can’t wait for the sixth album. In the famous words of Lil’ Jon himself, I end this review with the words, ‘Aww skeet skeet!’

Rating: 4/5

Top 3 Tracks:

12) Lovers And Friends feat. Usher and Ludacris
16) In Da Club feat. R. Kelly and Ludacris
7) Gasolina Remix feat. Daddy Yankee, Pitbull and Noreaga (Disc Two)

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